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5x5 Building Culture

5×5-Paket "Building Culture"

Euro (D): 307 Euro, package price 230.25
Euro (A): 321.80 Euro, package price 241.35

Promotion valid until: September 30, 2020

CHF   323.00
CHF   242.00

On the occasion of our fifth anniversary, we are offering 5 × 5 thematically compiled titles from our programme at the anniversary price. You will receive a 25% discount compared to the unit price.

Every five weeks we present a new 5 × 5 package, until September 30, 2020 it is "Building Culture"

This package includes the following titles:

Pisé – Stampflehm. Tradition und Potenzial (2. Auflage)
This book for the first time illustrates the history and significance of rammed earth construction in Central Europe, particularly in Switzerland, using historical examples to investigate the potential of that building technique for contemporary construction. As such, it represents a pioneering comprehensive documentation that will contribute to safeguarding existing architectural monuments, while also providing the foundation for further research.

Based on that evidence, the editors investigate the material’s potential for modern day edifices, especially from the perspective of regional architecture claiming to establish identity and save resources.
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Die morphologische Betrachtungsweise von Stadt und Territorium

Reading and understanding urban histories establishes the basis for further development of our cities. In that sense, the metaphor of “reading the city” stands symbolically for an analytical approach to the urbanistic context. The morphological perspective of city and territory provides comprehensible access to that topic and represents a helpful tool of analysis for working in grown urban contexts.
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(K)ein Idyll – Das Einfamilienhaus. Eine Wohnform in der Sackgasse
The single-family detached house remains the most popular form of private housing. And yet it is of relatively recent date. Going back to the 19th-century worker’s dwelling, it experienced its first peak in the 1970s. To begin with, building firms, land owners and local authorities benefited from the private building boom, although requirements of land planning were circumvented.
The consequences are visible today: agglomerations are dotted with low-density single-family detached house developments. The costs of building and maintaining infrastructure are taking their toll on local authorities. What is more, many house owners from the “baby boom” era are now old and no longer able to tend their homes and gardens and leave vacant properties when they move away.
So how can single-family home areas be made fit for future sustainable use? How can they remain attractive for their residents and young families?

Raum Zeit Kultur. Anthologie zur Baukultur

To stimulate discourse on local building culture in Switzerland, the editor, Architektur Forum Ostschweiz, initiated a series of articles that first appeared in the regional daily press, which has now been bundled as a collection, and includes supplementary in-depth essays on topics such as regional building or building in the Alps.

This publication introduces noteworthy buildings as well as landscape and settlement planning schemes realised in the Cantons of Schaffhausen, Thurgau, St. Gallen, both Appenzells, Glarus, Grischun as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein, such as Trutg dil Flem in Flims, the development of Chantun Sur in Pontresina, St. Gallen Canton Hospital, the new building on the summit of Chäserugg or Murg-Auen-Park in Frauenfeld.

Historische Putztechniken. Von der Architektur- zur Oberflächengestaltung

For the first time, restorer Professor Oskar Emmenegger’s over 50 years’ of professional experience in dealing with historical plastering techniques, which were developed during more than 9000 years of building activity, has been summarised and systematically revised. It has been made accessible to a wide range of tradespeople, teachers and planners for use in their daily profession. Regrettably, older plasterwork is often not recognised and is increasingly being destroyed. With its wealth of specific information and richly illustrated collection of samples, this publication aims to counteract this.
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