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Vera Kaps, Peter Staub, Universität Liechtenstein (eds.)

New Schools of Thought

Augmenting the Field of Architectural Education

Book design: Annett Höland

English, 152 pages, ca. 40 images, 19,4 × 29 cm, Softcover with flaps

Euro (D) 29.–, Euro (A) 29.80
ISBN 978-3-03863-030-2

out of print
CHF   32.00

Since the late 20th century, architectural training and education in Europe has changed significantly due to factors such as political regulations, increasing internationalisation, social and climatic transformation processes, and last but not least, rapid digitalisation.

Today, schools of architecture are concentrating more on how to gain a better strategic position in that environment, i.e. through content, methods of knowledge creation and communication as well as by restructuring their organisations. Nowadays, they are not the only places where architectural questions and positions are negotiated. In recent years, several new educational facilities that generate and reflect knowledge have emerged which represent that
new type of school of thought.

Besides degree programmes, those facilities also offer preparatory training for children and young people as well as research and public communication as extended areas of architectural education.

This book takes a look at the conditions which have shaped these “schools of thought”. Resultant findings are tested based on an in-depth investigation of four of those “schools”: the Innsbruck “bilding” School of Art and Architecture for children and young people initiated by aut (architektur und tirol), the recently established Lyon Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategy in Architecture, Aedes Network Campus in Berlin and the European Research Program InnoChain.

About the author:

Vera Kaps is a researcher at the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein. Besides working in the fields of architecture, town planning and exhibition design, she has also written articles for architectural journals as a freelance author. Her key research is on communicating the built environment as a cultural asset, focussing on architectural education, exhibition formats and construction of identities.

Peter A. Staub
is Professor of Design and Theory, Head of the Institute of Architecture and Planning and Vice-Rector of External Relations at the University of Liechtenstein. His research and teaching focus lies on
critical observation, representation and communication of architecture and urban design.

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