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5x5 Graphic History

5×5-Paket «Graphic History»

Euro (D): 183 Euro, package price 137.25
Euro (A): 188.10 Euro, package price 141.–

Promotion valid until: June 17, 2020

CHF   200.00
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On the occasion of our fifth anniversary, we are offering 5 × 5 thematically compiled titles from our programme at the anniversary price. You will receive a 25% discount compared to the unit price.

Every five weeks we present a new 5 × 5 package, we start with: «Graphic history»

This package includes the following titles:

Die Geburt eines Stils. Der Einfluss des Basler Ausbildungsmodells auf die Schweizer Grafik

Dorothea Hofmann tells the story of Swiss graphic design from a new perspective. Starting with a deliberate focus on Basel, she paints a differentiated picture of this national graphic design movement, which, in its complexity, overcomes the constraints of the Zurich constructive concrete direction with which Swiss Style has generally been associated until today.
The author gives a detailed account of the movement’s origins, which date back to the 19th century, discussing the development of graphic design education in Switzerland and coherently describing its breakthrough as an international style.
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No Style. Ernst Keller (1891–1968) – Teacher and Pioneer of the Swiss Style

In various different places, particularly in the USA, when writing the history of graphic design, Ernst Keller is referred to as the father of Swiss Style, later International Typographic Style. This is down to the large number of Keller students, who later shaped this Swiss Style and made it famous. Keller’s achievement is shown purely using his oeuvre, primarily his poster designs and his work on lettering and graphic design in architecture.

Ernst Keller’s contribution to the development of innovative, non-academic didactic principles in design training plays a fundamental role. His teaching activity starting in 1918 can be defined as one of the first systematic training programmes for graphic design in the world.

Hermann Eidenbenz. Teaching Graphic Design. Dokuments 1926–1955

Hermann Eidenbenz was one of the first persons in Switzerland to describe himself as a graphic designer. From the first half of the 20th century into the 1950s, he was involved in graphic design education in Zurich, Magdeburg, Basel and Brunswick, first as a student and later as a teacher.

Bobst Graphic. 1972–1981

The history of Bobst Graphic – a pioneering feat in the development of the phototypesetting at the time – has never been included in the rich history of Swiss graphic and font design. The author Giliane Cachin decided to document and share this fascinating story from the inside based on personal interviews.

Bekannte Unbekannte. Grafikdesign in Österreich

One in ten companies in Austria are part of the creative economy. But despite this, Austria does not seem to have gained a reputation as a “design nation” for its graphic design, neither in the country itself nor internationally. According to cultural historian Bernhard Denscher, the work of Austrian graphic designers belongs to the “known unknown of visual culture of the 20th century”.
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