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Peter Vetter, Katharina Leuenberger, Meike Eckstein

No Style. Ernst Keller (1891–1968)

– Teacher and Pioneer of the Swiss Style (English edition)

Book design: Coande, Männedorf

English edition
254 pages, 20 × 24,5 cm, 527 images, softcover with flaps

Euro (D) 55.– / Euro (A) 56.50


ISBN 978-3-03863-023-4

CHF   55.00

In various different places, particularly in the USA, when writing the history of graphic design, Ernst Keller is referred to as the father of Swiss Style, later International Typographic Style. This is down to the large number of Keller students, who later shaped this Swiss Style and made it famous. Keller’s achievement is shown purely using his oeuvre, primarily his poster designs and his work on lettering and graphic design in architecture.

Ernst Keller’s contribution to the development of innovative, non-academic didactic principles in design training plays a fundamental role. His teaching activity starting in 1918 can be defined as one of the first systematic training programmes for graphic design in the world.

His many years of teaching between 1918 and 1956 resulted in very different designers. They include the protagonists of new graphic design such as Richard Paul Lohse, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Carlo Vivarelli or various talents of artistic illustration such as Heiri Steiner, Lora Lamm or K. Domenic Geissbühler, and innovative designers such as Hermann Eidenbenz or Gérard Miedinger. As well as scientific illustrators such as H.P. Weber or caricaturist H.U. Steger. An additional group consists of designers who teach internationally such as Pierre Gauchat, Walter Käch, Robert Sessler, Fred Troller and Josef Müller-Brockmann. This diversity of talent is an impressive documentation of the openness, sustainability and rejection of dogma evident in Ernst Keller’s teaching.

About the Authors

Peter Vetter is designer, partner and creative director at Coande and specialises in the field of strategic consulting. He gained his extensive experience working in Italy, Germany, Japan and in the USA, undertaking, f. e. international projects for BMW Group and BMW Japan, IBM, ABB International und Clifford Chance Lawyers as well as in cultural and public fields. He is a senior lecturer and researcher at ZHdK as well as a guest lecturer both at home and abroad. He has worked on numerous publications in the field of design and business.

Katharina Leuenberger is a partner at Coande and is responsible for project management, research and analysis. Over the last few years, she has worked for international customers such as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Zentrum Paul Klee Bern, Autorità Portuale di Palermo and the City of Rapperswil-Jona. She has worked on various publications together with Peter Vetter, during which she undertook extensive research and was responsible for editorial work.

Meike Eckstein refuses to be limited to a particular medium or discipline. She designs whatever best suits the situation, whether this means objects, installations, pictures, texts or a mix of all of these.
Meike studied design in Cologne, Paris and Glasgow. She has worked in the fields of scenography, exhibition design and design research on a self-employed basis since 2005. Meike gives regular workshops at universities and talks about her practice-based research both at home and abroad. She is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Arts Linz.

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