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About us

After several years of working in the publishing business, we (Kerstin Forster and Andrea Wiegelmann) decided to start up our own publishing house and founded Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie in May 2015. Triest stands for exclusive, beautifully designed books for specialists produced to the highest quality standards and for choice special editions crafted specifically for well-informed people who are often specialists in their field. In the various areas of our programme we cater for a range of focal topics that we accompany with a programme of events geared to the specific titles with the aim of discussing the subject matter of our books with our readers and developing on the various topics. 
Since 2017 we have been a member of SWIPS – Swiss Independent Publishers
Andrea Wiegelmann  
Andrea Wiegelmann is an architect and has contributed as a writer and editor to numerous magazines and publications. Her focus is on questions of urban development, land planning, housing and material developments and their impact on architecture and construction. 
Andrea Wiegelmann was publishing director at niggli, BENTELI and of the archithese journal. Since 2018 she is responsible for internal publications at the ArchitekturWerkstatt St.Gallen of the OST– Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.
Kerstin Forster  
Kerstin Forster has many years of experience as an editor and project manager. She was programme manager for design and typography at niggli as of 2012 and has been editor for niggli, BENTELI and archithese since 2009. In 2015 she founded her text agency “Die Buchmacherin” that provides editing and production services for the creative industries.

SWIPS    Swiss Independent Publishers 
Since 2017, Triest Verlag is a member of SWIPS, a organization of currently 31 independent  German-Swiss publishers who together organize events, catalogues and marketing campaigns.

SWIPS website

Publishing funding

Triest Verlag receives a grant for the years 2021 to 2024 from the Federal Office of Culture as part of the Swiss publishers’ subsidies.