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Philippe Koch, Stefan Kurath, Simon Mühlebach, ZHAW Institut Urban Landscape (eds.)

Figurationen von Öffentlichkeit

Herausforderungen im Denken und Gestalten von öffentlichen Räumen

Book design: Atlas Studio, Zurich

128 pages, ca. 160 images
19,5 × 31,4 cm, softcover

Euro (D) 39.–, Euro (A) 40.–


ISBN 978-3-03863-065-4

CHF   39.00

• How is public space created in everyday life?

• Interactions between people and objects in the creation of public spaces

• What realistic potential does architecture, urban planning and social work have to influence and design public spaces?

How do the public and public space actually come about? The answer to that question will normally involve placing either the space or the person at the center of the discussion.

This book focuses on the interactions between spatial elements and their appropriation by people using four specific urban spaces.
It highlights the constant need to transform space into public space in order to enable various configurations of the public to simultaneously and sequentially establish the public character of a space, additionally illustrating the role that the design, arrangement and the charm of things play in that process.

This book discusses the manifest, latent and integrative effects of public space, and explains the significance of media influence – daily newspapers and social media – on the formation of public space. An additional chapter sheds light on the influence of the COVID-19 lockdown on the intensity of use of the squares and parks examined, and what lessons can be learned from it.

And the book refers to the relational spatial theory as well as the assemblage and actor-network theory and conveys how complex relationships can be represented and discussed with superimpositions of different methodological approaches. It addresses architects, landscape architects, urban sociologists, spatial researchers and all those involved in social work dealing with everyday processes in a city who wish to have an effect on them.

Guest contributions by Antonia Steger and Roland Züger.

About the Editors

Prof. Dr. Philippe Koch (born 1977) works as a political scientist and urban researcher at the Institut  Urban Landscape of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. For more than ten years, he has been involved in theoretical and applied research as well as teaching on the interactions between politics and urban space.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kurath (born 1976) works as an architect and urbanist from his office in Zurich and Graubünden, and serves as Head of the Institut Urban Landscape of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW together with Regula Iseli. He thinks, writes, researches and teaches on the subject of urban landscapes. His research include questions on how a city is created and what role architects and spatial structures play in this.

Simon Mühlebach (born 1985), M.Sc. Arch ETHZ, is an architect and partner in the architectural firm Bach Mühle Fuchs in Zurich. He works as a research assistant at the Institut Urban Landscape of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. His research efforts focus on building culture and public space in the urban landscape of the 21st century.

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