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Ulrike Borinski, Rudolf Paulus Gorbach (eds.)


Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung

Book design: Rudolf  Paulus Gorbach

German, ca. 304 pages, ca. 120 images, 14,7 × 23,5 cm

Euro (D) 39.– / Euro (A) 40.–


ISBN 978-3-03863-039-5

CHF   39.00

Imagine how it would be we could playfully acquire all knowledge from films, or at least in pictures, which are said to be worth more than a thousand words?
That would be ideal, however, knowledge transfer is still today dependent on explanatory texts. And excellent typography always ensures the visibility of the content and going far beyond that, its effect. The importance of these key issues in knowledge transfer cannot be overestimated and is still a little-known factor.

Writing – and with it, legibility – is vital for public perception.
Readability – or the arrangement of text, the combination of content and medium, the clarification of the content by its form, the work on and with visual conventions – as a field of typography - is a largely unknown. Their effect, especially the effect of didactic typography, is explained in this book.

To this end, 25 authors use cross-disciplinary approaches and readability research in their writings.
Naturally, the textbooks are the focus of their consideration. Reading as a process is at long last described from the perspective of typographers. Groundbreaking projects are introduced in which typography is used intensively and in an altogether first class manner. Last but not least, the basics of this field are quickly provided.
The compendium explains what exactly leads to good readability. It explores where and how typography can work and how it must be designed to work.

With contributions by: Martin Tiefenthaler, Jürgen Spitzmüller, Miriam Mayrhofer, Ulrike Borinski, Florian Adler, Saskia Kraft, René Spitz, Christina Bugge, Clemens-G. Göller, Sabina Sieghart, Rosalie Heinen, Susanne Heinicke, Silvia Werfel, Rudolf Paulus Gorbach, Michael Schlierbach, Verena Kiesel, Lisa Neuhalfen, Jan Filek, Antonia Cornelius, Björn Schumacher, Albert Jan Pool, Sabine an Huef, Petra Wöhrmann, Roland Stieger.

About the Editors

Ulrike Borinski is a typographer responsible for the publishing concept for the cooperative study program between the universities of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, where she works on the connection between structure, semantics and typography, among others. She is Chairwoman of the Forum Typografie e.V.

Rudolf Paulus Gorbach teaches typography and is a book designer himself, most recently of the critical Hitler, mein Kampf. Eine kritische Edition [My Struggle. A critical edition] that will be published by the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin. Gorbach leads the in-service seminar "Typografie intensiv" and was for eleven years Chairman of the Typographische Gesellschaft München tgm.

Lesbar – Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung [Readable - Typography in Knowledge Transfer], an international work group, aims to increase the quality of typography in knowledge transfer.
The network consists of: Buchstadt St Gallen, Forum für Entwerfen e.V. [design forum], Forum Typografie e.V., Typografische Gesellschaft Austria (tga), Typographische Gesellschaft München (tgm), Tÿpo St Gallen, Zentrum für das Buch, St Gall and other leaders in the field.

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