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Nora Stögerer

Bekannte Unbekannte [Known Unknowns]

Grafikdesign in Österreich [Graphic design in Austria]

Winner of the Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2015

German, 456 pages, 19 x 25,5 cm
ca. 350 images, Hardcover


ISBN 978-3-03863-003-6

CHF   59.00
CHF   19.00

One in ten companies in Austria are part of the creative economy. But despite this, Austria does not seem to have gained a reputation as a “design nation” for its graphic design, neither in the country itself nor internationally. According to cultural historian Bernhard Denscher, the work of Austrian graphic designers belongs to the “known unknown of visual culture of the 20th century”.
This publication focusses on why this is the case and what makes Austrian graphic design so unique, introducing its readers to the Austrian graphic design of yesterday, today and tomorrow. “Yesterday” provides an insight into the graphic design of the past decades, “Today” consists of interviews with contemporary designers and “Tomorrow” presents the work of a total of 19 up-and-coming designers and design studios.

1.How did Austrian graphic design develop?
2.What do today’s designers think of graphic design?
3.How do the designers of tomorrow design?

With a foreword by Kurt Höretzeder and contributions by: Beton, Bueronardin, Bureau Rabensteiner, Kurt Dornig, Tina Frank, Grafikum, Josef Heigl, Kurt Höretzeder, Anita Kern, Elisabeth Kopf, Paul Leichtfried, LWZ, MOOI Design, Ortner Schinko, Manuel Radde, Sigi Ramoser, Moritz Resl, Catherine Rollier, Say Say Say Inc., Seite Zwei, Astrid Seme, studio VIE, Super BFG, Typejockeys, Marie Zieger und Zwupp.

The book release was supported by City of Graz, Land Steiermark,  Land Vorarlberg,  FH JOANNEUM / Institut für Design und Kommunikation and numerous supportes of the crowdfunding campaign of wemakeit.

About the Author

Nora Stögerer was born in 1986 in Oberwart, Austria. She studied information design (bachelor level) at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, followed by a master’s in design, with a special focus on communication design, at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. Nora Stögerer has already received multiple awards for her work, her master’s thesis Bekannte Unbekannte [Known Unknowns] was awarded with the German Designer Club 2014 silver prize and she was presented with an award from Art Designers Club 2015.
She lives and works as a freelance graphic designer in Berlin.

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