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Swiss Design Network SDN (eds.)


– a Design Research Reader by the Swiss Design Network

Book design: Rob Van Leijsen, Genève

English, 320 pages, ca. 80 images, 16 × 22 cm, Softcover

Euro (D) 39.–, Euro (A) 40.–

ISBN 978-3-03863-032-6

CHF   39.00

Unfrozen encompasses a selection of research projects that were presented at the “Unfrozen” Conference. Unfrozen literally refers to the desire to create a warm atmosphere and to break the ice between specialist and design research disciplines.
Ruth Baumeister starts with a retrospective of design history: beginning with the central conflict between Max Bill and Asger Jorn, two prototypical energies of design are put into perspective that are also found in the other chapters.

Other authors / (selected) topics
– Ludwig Zeller: Critical and Speculative Design
– Grace Lees-Maffei: Understanding Social Contexts for Graphic Design
– Anna Calvera: On the Hypothesis of the Three Origins of Design in Spain
– Marie Heidingsfelder, Martin Luge: Future Technologies
– Josh Mc Veigh Schultz: Designing Speculative Rituals
– Ulrike Felsing: Design Methods for Typography and Information Design in the Field of Intercultural Communication

Specific design research projects:
– Lisa Mercer: Fight Against Human Trafficking
– Venanzio Arquilla Polimi, Annalisa Barbieri: Service design vs. Social innovation
– Bianca Herlo: “Community Now”
– Tom.s Garc.a Ferrari: The Role of Design in a Software Society.
– Françoise Adler: Design-driven technology development
– Tina Moor: “Textile insulating solutions” for a building by Daniel Wehrli

About the author:

Swiss Design Network has united Swiss Universities of design and art since 2004 and advocates the recognition and promotion of design research on the highest international level.
Up to now, SDN has organised nine internationally acclaimed symposia and has published their results. SDN’s tasks include supporting workshops and publications, promoting young scientists and fostering contact and exchange between design researchers, institutions, universities and industry.

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