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ZHAW (eds.), Andri Gerber, Stefan Kurath, Holger Schurk, Roland Züger

Methodenhandbuch für das Entwerfen in Architektur und Städtebau

Book design: Schön & Berger, Zurich

German edition
2nd edition
180 pages, ca. 95 images
12,5 x 19 cm
softcover with thread stitching

Euro (D) 25.– / Euro (A) 25.70


ISBN 978-3-03863-020-3

CHF   29.00

Design processes may initially seem to be unsystematic and lacking in order, but in architecture and urban development, methods are a fundamental part of design practice. And, beyond the design process, they can help to decode the frame conditions of a design, revealing strategies for successful implementation.  

With this in mind, this handbook aims to serve two purposes: to investigate individual methods in a concrete area of application, illustrated using examples, and to focus on the methods themselves.
In this way, the designer learns to understand his own practice as well as being provided with tools that support the design process.

With its handy format, clear text and carefully chosen selection of visual and comprehensible examples, the Methods Handbook is a helpful resource for students, architects and city planners.

About the Editors

Institut Urban Landscape, Departement Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurwesen, ZHAW (editors)


Andri Gerber has been a lecturer for urban develop-ment history at ZHAW since 2011. 2008 doctorate and 2016 habilitation at ETH Zurich, gta Institute.

Stefan Kurath runs an architectural practice in Zurich and Grisons, since 2012 professor for architecture and urban development, since 2014 director of the Urban Landscape Institute together with Regula Iseli.

Holger Schurk has run architectural practice dform in Zurich since 2001 and has lectured at ZHAW since 2008.

Roland Züger has worked as an architect and as a lecturer at ZHAW since 2007, at Kessel Züger Architekten in Berlin / Zurich since 2010, and as an editor for werk, bauen + wohnen since 2011.

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