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Mario Rinke (ed.)

The Bones of Architecture

Structure and Design Practices

Book design: Robert Müller, Berlin

English, 240 pages, ca. 200 images
17 × 24 cm, hardcover

Euro (D) 39.–, Euro (A) 40.–

ISBN 978-3-03863-044-9

out of print
CHF   39.00

•    How can we design architectonic spaces based on the load-bearing structure?

•    Positions of selected European architects and engineers

Besides the many components that characterise the appearance of a building, it is the physical prerequisites that are crucial. They tie the (structural) components together and let the building “stand”: just like the bones of vertebrates and us humans, every building has a load-bearing structure.

From that perspective, construction, and thus also the buildings themselves are subject to fundamental sets of rules; as long as they are observed, the connection of their materials and components ensures good load bearing properties. In that way, these sets of rules create forms, patterns, orders and restrictions.
Today, construction and design technologies challenge the idea of structure and its role as a generator of architectural form. Moreover, the position of structure within the manifold factors of design and building is also under scrutiny in view of new possibilities to create form.

This publication investigates the cultivation of structures for architecture as developed by practising architects and engineers. Presenting the works and approaches of seven European architects and engineers, the editor simultaneously reflects on the rules, strategies and methods of designing structures and load bearing structures.

With selected works by: Rui Furtado, engineer, Porto; Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Copenhagen; Pedrazzini Guidotti, engineers, Lugano; Bruther, architects, Paris; Brandlhuber+, Arno  Brandlhuber, architect, Berlin; engineer Bernabeu, Madrid; 6a Architects, London, accompanied by interviews and texts by Ákos Moravánszky and Mario Rinke.

About the Editor

Mario Rinke is a structural engineer and building historian specialising in early reinforced concrete and timber construction. He is researcher at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich where he has worked as a docent since 2011. He has also taught at HSLU Lucerne since 2009. Mario Rinke graduated in civil engineering from the Bauhaus Universität Weimar in 2006 and received his doctoral degree from ETH Zurich in 2013. After working as a civil engineer in London and Zurich, he now runs his own firm in Zurich. Mario Rinke is founding member of the International Association of Structures and Architecture (IASA) and regularly publishes specialist articles and books on the subject of architecture and civil engineering.

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