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Stefan Hartmann

(K)ein Idyll – Das Einfamilienhaus

Eine Wohnform in der Sackgasse

Photo essay by Reto Schlatter
Book design: Nadine Rinderer

German, ca. 176 pages, 20 × 27 cm
numerous images, softcover with flaps

Euro (D) 39.–, Euro (A) 40.–

ISBN 978-3-03863-026-5

CHF   39.00

– From the terraced worker’s house to prefab – the first review of the history of the most popular form of housing

– With solution models for moderate densification of existing developments

– What will the single-family detached house areas of the future look like?

The single-family detached house remains the most popular form of private housing. And yet it is of relatively recent date. Going back to the 19th-century worker’s dwelling, it experienced its first peak in the 1970s. To begin with, building firms, land owners and local authorities benefited from the private building boom, although requirements of land planning were circumvented.
The consequences are visible today: agglomerations are dotted with low-density single-family detached house developments. The costs of building and maintaining infrastructure are taking their toll on local authorities. What is more, many house owners from the “baby boom” era are now old and no longer able to tend their homes and gardens and leave vacant properties when they move away.
So how can single-family home areas be made fit for future sustainable use? How can they remain attractive for their residents and young families?

For the first time, this publication presents a chronological review of knowledge about the development of the single-family house. At the same time, it showcases possible scenarios for handling existing single-family home areas. Hence, it lays the foundations for a broad understanding and for a reflected discussion of sustainable developments in this type of housing and existing single-family home areas.

The book is divided into separate, clearly structured chapters – from the social, historical background of this type of housing and its triumphant progress in the latter half of the 20th century to the current situation. It also describes strategies for use intended to preserve and refurbish ageing areas, enabling moderate densification and thus revival.

About the author:

Stefan Hartmann (lic.phil. I) has been working as a journalist for more than thirty years. For more than ten years he has been focusing on real estate and energy-efficient renovation of houses and writes for NZZ am Sonntag, among others. He has recurrently come to deal with the subject of single-family detached houses in the course of his work. Lacking a review of its history and a contemporary discussion of this form of building and housing, he began to perform his own research. This publication is a compilation of the knowledge that he has gathered over the years along with source material and findings from interview transcripts and notes. It thus also provides the basis for further research and work on this topic.

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