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Christine Seidler

Von Donuts, Berlinern und einer anderen Raumplanung

Book design: Wessinger und Peng, Stuttgart 

German, ca. 380 pages, ca. 150 images,
20 × 27 cm, softcover

Euro [D] 45.–, Euro [A] 46.30
Pre-Order. Release date: Fall 2024
ISBN 978-3-03863-074-6

CHF   49.00

• More quality of life and diversity through better spatial planning.

Strategies for settlement quality despite and with inward densification.

Set of tools useful for answering the questions of those affected – cities, communities, clients, and residents.

A fundamental rethink in spatial planning has become indispensable. Adjustments made to suit building and usage regulations, at the time still valid standards and legal requirements are becoming obsolete at an ever-increasing pace. In particular, the mostly long-term and end product-oriented technocratic planning processes often do not keep pace with the ever-changing situation. The constant growth in population and the sustained inward densification required as a result are not possible without deep interventions and changes in existing practices. Alternative strategies are therefore also needed for the legislative side of things.

Author, spatial planner and economist Christine Seidler shows that new spatial planning instruments and methods are required in order to solve these problems. In particular, our dependence on economic framework conditions in spatial planning processes has been neglected for far too long.

This publication thus aims to provide an understanding of the connections on the one hand and offer strategies and thus ways out of the existing patterns of action on the other. The compendium offers a range of options for action which, much like a toolbox, can be applied to the questions asked by those affected – cities and municipalities, clients and residents.

To provide a better understanding of the issue, the problem of vacancies is analyzed using two case studies – Zurich West and the municipality of Huttwil – placing them in the discourse of spatial planning culture and social policy.

The book combines theory and practice, focusing on practical use and application of the solution to the reader`s own situation. Its aim is to allow the strategies described to be applied freely, to develop own solutions in order to promote settlement quality and regional diversity and, last but not least, to protect the landscape.

About the Author

Christine Seidler is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Chur. She teaches urban planning, sustainability, digitization and economics. At the Institute for Construction in Alpine Regions (IBAR), Seidler spearheads research into spatial planning, settlement development and economics. From 2017 to 2019, she was professor of urban development and mobility at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, acting as co-head of Dencity, an area of competence at the Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure, as well as head of the module for urban design Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) for Site and Real Estate Development at the School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering. Christine Seidler was a municipal councilor for the city of Zurich from 2003 to 2021 and participates in various committees: 2018‒2021 as president of the audit committee, as consultant in the finance department (RPK / GPK), as long-standing member of the urban development commission and the commission for revision of the structure plan / building and zoning regulations (BZO). Political milestones in her work include the municipal settlement plan for Zurich, an initiative for affordable residential and commercial space, for which she was co-initiator and motion maker.

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