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Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz (eds.)

Baukultur erhalten. Urbane Qualität schaffen

Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz 1973–2023

Book design: ALP Atelier Landolt Pfister, Zurich
German, 264 pages, ca. 200 images,
22 × 15 cm, fullflex cloth-bound hardcover

Euro [D] 49.–, Euro [A] 50.40


ISBN 978-3-03863-080-7

CHF   49.00

→ Insight into the work Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz, who fight for the preservation and care of historically and urbanistic valuable ensembles, buildings and gardens

→ Architectural building stock as a resource and building block for urban development

Zurich is a lively, growing and therefore also a changing city. The urban landscape is changing as a result of growth and new buildings displace existing structures, green spaces or buildings, even where their preservation would have been not just possible, but sensible and enriching for the city or the quarter.

Historical buildings and facilities are much more than just the built structure, the bridge, the park. They are part of a city`s history and create a local identity. However, especially in our big cities and metropolitan regions, the pressure for densification is increasing and all too often, demolition and new construction are preferred to the continued use and development of existing buildings.

Not only in view of dwindling raw materials and climate change, but also with regard to a lively city, it is necessary to deal with and preserve architectural monuments, including those from more recent epochs. Contemporary witnesses tell of the development of a place and can be starting points for further development and urban culture. This applies to residential buildings or settlements, parks and cultural buildings, and even squares and urban ensembles can take on this function.

This publication collects examples of built witness to the more recent past of the City of Zurich, whose preservation and further use not only imparts well-founded knowledge, but also offer a new perspective on the structures themselves. At the same time, the book uses failed attempts at preservation to show the need for joint efforts to actually use this old building stock.

The book, published for the 50th anniversary of Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz, combines articles on urban spaces and on housing estates, on cultural buildings, parks and neighborhood restaurants. It thus offers valuable information for urban planning that understands the existing building stock with its respective characteristics as a valuable component of urban development. The authors would like to invite you to engage with our architectural heritage and to discuss its possible future.

About the Editors

The Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz is committed to the preservation and care of properties, gardens and open spaces of historical and urban value.
As an independent association organized under private law, it is dedicated to the further use and care of historical cultural assets ‒ characteristic buildings, settlements, historically developed traffic routes, gardens, parks and open spaces. In this context, the association is also concerned with promoting a form of construction that is valuable in terms of design, environmentally friendly and energy-conscious, with special consideration of the quality of life in existing settlements and quarters. The Stadtzürcher Heimatschutz (City of Zurich Association for Urban Heritage Conservation) was founded in 1973 and is active in the City of Zurich. The section has around 1050 members.

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